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not sure if this is allowed (if not please feel free to delete) but...
Hi there! My name is Desiree, and I'm a freelance photographer in Miami, FL. I run Beautiful Garbage Photography, Inc. specializing in model portfolios, though I shoot a little of everything! I've just started this LJ to get my name out there, and I'll be posting at least once a week about my projects and my shoots.

Please add! :) and if you'd like to request a shoot or buy a print, you can find my contact info on my profile and on my blog


HUGE SNAP* Photo/Model Party Sept 20th at 46 Lounge

Hello Everyone!

An exciting installment of SNAP* is less than 2 weeks away and helf at a beautiful location!
We have some great events in store at the SNAP* Party at 46 Lounge (
46 Lounge combines the best of Miami, LA and NYC clubs!
Enjoy the party the way it was finally meant to be!

- 21+ Crowd: Bring your portfolio books, cameras, business cards and promotional items!
- 3 Bars, Dance Floor, DJs
- Live Body Painting
- Collaborative Photographers: Steve Prue from Team Rockstar and Nuby taking pictures all night!

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Indigo Katt
I've been doing a lot of boudoir photography for private clients lately but since I can't publish this work my gallery was until now lacking in recent examples thereof. Indigo Katt is a friend of mine whom I met a few months ago, and I thought she would be the perfect model for a boudoir set. I'm sure you'll agree.

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Concept Shot
I came up with this concept at 3am while writing a piece on being sXe.

What do you think?

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sorry about that guys...


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The truth behind Wronkled & call for contributors!
hair flip, hair
So, as many of you might've seen in my journal or cambler's post here Wednesday, some friends (mainly the staff from Model Insider) & I launched a satirical website called "Wronkled Magazine" as an April Fool's Day joke.

We were overwhelmed by the positive response and all the contributions from people who saw & read it. We've decided that as long as people are reading & laughing we're going to keep it running as an "Onion" style look at the whacky world of online modeling & photography and we'd like YOUR help.

There're a couple of things you folks can do to help if you enjoy it. First, read "Wronkled"! We're tracking usage & as long as people are reading we'll keep going. Second, we need contributors... if you have photos, cartoons (illustrations), videos, or stories you'd like to submit send them in to third, TELL YOUR FRIENDS... we need readers, so DIGG it and Delicious it and blog about it. Fourth, if you're on DeviantArt visit my DA news article about it and Fave the article so it stays visible in the rankings.

BTW, due to popular demand we launched a Cafe Press store with Wronkled clothes & stuff, and some contributors might receive free Wronkled clothes. :)

Regardless of whether you choose to help or participate in any other way we hope you enjoy Wronkled. Whether you're part of the internet model/photographer community or not there's plenty to laugh at.

колготки до пупа
ещё одна зрелая леди в грязном лифчике)

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Skinny Smoking

I've recently joined this community looking to get into some plus size modeling and I am looking for a photographer that might be able to help me with this.
I've never had professional photography done except school/senior photos.
I live in the Chicago land area, more specificly in McHenry county.
I'm looking for TFCD, to start building my portfolio.
I will do glamour, pinup style, boudior, or artistic nudity.
I have accounts on Model Insider (#1135) and MuseCube.
Once I get a few professional photos, I plan on creating a ModelMayhem account.

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hello everyone,
i just added this community. I have been interested in modeling for awhile now.
can anyone help me out and let me know where i should go?
or what this community deals with...thank you guys <3


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