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redfromromance_ wrote in 1modelplace
I modeled in a group photo shoot in May and I've only seen two photos from it. I didn't think to get any information from the four photographers I worked with that day, so I have to rely on communication with the woman who organized the shoot.

The problem is, she ignored my e-mails for about four months. She finally replied to my e-mail on Saturday and said that she would send me links to my photos on Monday (and kept saying that she's already sent them to me). No sign of the links yet.

Am I doomed to never see my photos? Is there anything I can do?

EDIT: I signed a contract but did not receive a copy because I thought that my friend would just take care of all of it (I know I sound even more idiotic now. Well, hopefully people who lack as much common sense as I do will see this and learn from it). He was the reason I did the shoot; he knows the organizer. But I guess him and I aren't friends anymore.

Is this my fault or can I be justified in telling people to avoid this woman for taking advantage of someone with very little experience?

And so it's not text only, here's a picture from my first shoot:

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did you sign a contract? what does it say?

this is a perfect example of why If I do a trade shoot, I get all of the pictures right then and there or I get paid.

this whole idea of two to ten pictures from a shoot being considered "Trade" is crap.

I have found photographers to be more flakey than models.

Yeah, live and learn, I guess :/

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